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Find a Doctor


 Our easy-to-use “Find a Doctor” module allows the website users to find your physicians and providers quickly and easily. Users can search for physicians by:

  • Name
  • Specialty
  • Gender
  • Group or Practice

A click on the doctor’s/physician’s name will direct the user to a detailed profile of the respective doctor. In addition, this module offers several ways to display physicians on your website. It offers both search forms and sorted lists. For instance, you can display your physicians on a page by specialty.


  • The user gets the flexibility to narrow down his/her search to a particular doctor, based on the kind of treatment that he/she needs.
  • Before getting a particular treatment, they can read about the doctor who will be treating them. Reading about their profile and past achievements, helps to instil confidence in the patients or their relatives.
  • Overseas patients and providers gain a considerable amount of confidence after knowing about the doctors associated with a particular hospital