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 Frequently Asked Questions?
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What is builtCMS?
Why builtCMS?
Which browsers work with builtCMS?
Do I need to have programming skills to use builtCMS?
How can builtCMS help me?
Which is the framework that has been used?
How is builtCMS different from other CMSs in the market?
How many sites can be maintained by single builtCMS?
Can the banners be changed in builtCMS?
Is the training provided by builtCMS Team?
What details are required if builtCMS needs to be migrated to the existing site?
How much time does it take for the migration?
Can the templates be changed?
What if the password for builtCMS is forgotten?
Can the password be changed?
Is uploading of videos possible?
What are the different modules that builtCMS offers?
Can the modules be developed according to our requirement (Customization possible)?
Can anyone (any person from the organisation) make changes to the site?
What are administrative rights?
Can the administrative rights be changed from one person to the other?
How many mail ids can be configured free of cost?
Can a main site have multiple sites?
Can an SEO be integrated with the Website?
Can we discontinue or delete the mail id of the person who has left the organisation?
What is a CMS?
Why CMS?
What are its advantages?
What are the advantages of frequently updating the site?
What is the importance of using the Meta keywords?
What are the disadvantages of open source?
What are the disadvantages of using flash technique in a site?
What is a FCK editor?
Does the FCK editor have any limitations for number of characters to be typed?
Does the FCK editor support all fonts?
Can an Image be inserted in the FCK editor?
Which is the database that has been used?
IS it compatible with other databases?
Which are those databases?
Do we need to sign an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)?
Is it necessary to host the site on Genex’s server?
Who can become partner?
Can an individual person become a partner?
How can I get a discount?
What is the procedure of "establishing a partnership"?