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builtCMS Features

builtCMS is an easy-to-use, simple Content Management System (CMS) which empowers the organizations of any size to create, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website and enhances the value of your website to enrich your visitor’s experience.


A builtCMS is a software package that lets you build a website with easy user interface that can be quickly and easily updated by your non-technical staff members

Easy to Use: Flexible, Elegant Content Administrator (Content Management System)

Easy to Use: Site Administrator (Multiple Sites Management)


Coordinate a uniform look and feel across tens or more of different sites

Multi-site management feature enables user to control the multiple websites content– all from one interface

Allows for independent administration for individuals sites


The builtCMS provides a comprehensive solution to create & manage all aspects of a multilingual website.

Text, images, site navigation, forms, content collections, metadata and search functionality all can be customized specifically for every language presented on a site.

builtCMS user interface itself can be customized to reflect the content Writer’s native language.

Language specific Approval Chains

18n/UTF-8 native


Enjoy the Easy-to-use Word like editor where it’s easy to add and edit text, images, page links and multimedia content..

Previewing your Web page in a web browser before Publishing

Archiving & Rollback for every web page.

Apply content approval rules to any web page "save and draft" and "save and publish"


Upload and track media downloads

Provides Graphical user Interface accessing files similar to Windows Explorer

Images, files Preview facility


Dynamic menus creation for navigation

Users can add/edit/delete menu items through builtCMS

Apply your own CSS/HTML styling to menus


Simple User management provides administer permissions to View, Create, Modify, Delete and Publish the content. It can be set as per individual user, group or role.

Unlimited Administrator Groups and Flexible Role level Access


Complete control of your website presentation. Our design themes are hand-crafted by our team of professional designers and built exclusively for the builtCMS

As the graphic design for your site says a lot about your organization, graphical flexibility is an important factor

Ease of Updating Themes via HTML/CSS

Creating a Custom Theme From Scratch

Design Flexibility

Defining the look of sidebar elements

Advanced Image Manipulation

Independence Layout


An advanced search widget that allows you to quickly and easily find information managed by the builtCMS

Powerful, built-in site search

Add or remove a site search bar to your site through builtCMS


builtCMS can automatically create XML/Google sitemaps for your content and pages


Page-level Meta titles, descriptions and keywords

builtCMS automatically generates friendly page titles based on the page name, Product Name, news title etc.These friendly page titles to maximize search engine friendliness.

Auto generate Meta keywords from actual content of page. 

Images, files prefix by company name which helps for Google/yahoo image search engines results.


Integrated web analytics lets you analyze your traffic data with pivot tables from your reporting dashboard.

Export report data to Excel, CSV format for analysis.

Browse detailed analytics based on path, geographic location, browser type, search engine referrals.

User can also add Google Analytics script.

Monitor the ROI (Return On Investment) for every campaign.


Social Media Marketing (SMM) allows you to connect, interact and engage with new prospects while also generating traffic to your own website and improving search engine rankings. A complete blogging solution is integrated into builtCMS.


Set up rotating or static banners throughout the site. Or define it for individual pages.

Dynamically displays image title, description, special URLs, and more.


Invalidated Input

Broken Authentication and Session Management

Cross Site Scripting

Injection Flaws

Improper Error Handling

Broken Access Control

Data Base Backup

Make any type of content secure (web pages, News, Products, FAQs, Forums, Testimonials etc.)


Underpinned by the latest Microsoft technology including .NET 4 and SQL Server 2005/2008, the builtCMS Platform is built to grow. From small company implementations through to large enterprise

Benefit: ROI(Return On Investment) - As your business grows, your investment appreciates


Use builtCMS to reduce time and development cost

Develop more, better, faster with low cost content management system builtCMS to maximize your .NET skills while working within time-saving programs like Visual Studio 2010