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We combine your business objectives, and the aim of your site  to develop a complete and secure Internet site.
A successful website is based on its ability to draw more people to visit it, and draw many for repeat visits. Meaningful information, theme-focused, is well presented, to create the right impact … a delightful experience that the visitor will wish to relive later.
Before creating and uploading a website, we need to plan exactly what is needed in the website.

Do you need to Upgrade Your Company Website?

Whether upgrading your existing website or developing a new webmedia initiative from scratch, consider these four vital questions that need to be answered:
1. What website content should be included?
2. How a website content should be delivered?
3. How is your website going to be marketed?
4. What will your website visitors remember?

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builtCMS application run on Web Server (IIS).Web hosts companies provide space on a server for hosting your Website builtCMS run on Windows Web Hosting include features

  • IIS
  • .Net Framework 4.0
  • Ms sql Server

Steps for Installing builtCMS on IIS

1. Install the builtCMS ( application on the web server (IIS)
2. Create an account for the user
3. Set IIS Manager Permissions
4. Create database on ms sql server 2005/2008
5. Set Folders Permissions (Read/Write)



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process is designed in view of the Google SEO guidelines, and oraganic / white SEO techniques are strictly followed to ensure that our clients get the best SEO services.

Each SEO Project follows our six stage approach:

Stage One – SEO Campaign Set Up and Management

  • Understanding your requirements

  • Benchmarking period to measure and value your campaign

  • Agreed milestones, timelines, objectives and goals

Stage Two – Keyword Analysis and Mapping

  • Keyword Research

  • Keyword Mapping

  • Content modification

  • XML Sitemap Submission

Stage Three – Competitor Analysis

  • See where you feature in relation to your competitors

  • Enables you to know what targeted terms you can use to compete successfully

  • Google Analytics setup

  • Google Maps Real Estate MLS Optimization

  • MLS Optimization for Local Search

Stage Four – Technical Site Audit

  • Included in the audit are a wide range of factors including: Internal linking, navigation, URLs, Metatags, image and alt tags and site maps.

Stage Five – Link Building

  • Two Market Reports by SEO Professionals

  • Two Blog Posts and Ten Comments

  • Two Professional Articles

  • One Social Media Profile (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, etc) with 100 friend invites

  • At Least 25 Quality Links

Stage Six – Maintenance and Reporting

  • Continual improvement and augmentation (This has separate monthly based cost)

  • On-going link building

  • Reporting on key metrics and competitors

  • Reports are available from Google analytics like: hits, unique visitors, keywords searched, type of visits direct or from linked sites, directories or from search engines.

(SEO Stage1-6 will be completed within 20 days, the results can be expected from 15-45 days after completion of Stage 6)



 builtCMS provides various modules for different market segments, if the concerned client wishes to have a customised module, it can be provided on builtCMS platform. Customisation is one of the USPs of builtCMS. Apart from various tools which we offer to the client, we also provide customised tools as per client’s requirement in all market segments. e.g. Live Chat or Auto generated mailer system.



builtCMS provides training to the concerned clients once the website is developed on the builtCMS platform. The training is provided for the features and the functionalities of builtCMS. The training programme is designed in such a way that even a non-technical person is compatible to make number of changes to the website.